Suggested Playlist
Buffalo Springfield
Super Session
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungSolo StillsManassas
For What it's Worth Buffalo Springfield, Atco (1966)
Go and Say Goodbye Buffalo Springfield, Atco (1966)
Sit Down I Think I Love You Buffalo Springfield, Atco (1966)
Bluebird Buffalo Springfield Again, Atco (1967)
Rock & Roll Woman Buffalo Springfield Again, Atco (1967)
Pretty Girl Why Buffalo Springfield: Last Time Around, Atco (1968)
Questions (Stills warming up for Carry On) Buffalo Springfield: Last Time Around, Atco (1968)
Season of the Witch (by Donovan Leitch) Super Session, Columbia (1968)
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Crosby, Stills & Nash, Atlantic (1969)
You Don't Have to Cry Crosby, Stills & Nash, Atlantic (1969)
Helplessly Hoping Crosby, Stills & Nash, Atlantic (1969)
Wooden Ships (written with David Crosby and Paul Kantner) Crosby, Stills & Nash, Atlantic (1969)
49 Bye Byes Crosby, Stills & Nash, Atlantic (1969)
Carry On CSNY Deju Vu, Atlantic (1970)
4 + 20 CSNY Deju Vu, Atlantic (1970)
Woodstock (by Joni Mitchell) CSNY Deju Vu, Atlantic (1970)
Ohio (by Neil Young) w/ Find the Cost of Freedom (Stills)

CSNY Single, Atlantic (1970)
So Far, Atlantic (1974)

Love the One You're With Stephen Stills, Atlantic (1970)
Do for the Others Stephen Stills, Atlantic (1970)
Cherokee Stephen Stills, Atlantic (1970)
Change Partners Stephen Stills 2, Atlantic (1971)
Fishes and Scorpions Stephen Stills 2, Atlantic (1971)
Sugar Babe Stephen Stills 2, Atlantic (1971)
Singin' Call Stephen Stills 2, Atlantic (1971)
Song of Love Manassas, Atlantic (1972)
And So Begins the Task Manassas, Atlantic (1972)
Fallen Eagle Manassas, Atlantic (1972)
It Doesn't Matter Manassas, Atlantic (1972)
Johnny's Garden Manassas, Atlantic (1972)
The Treasure Manassas, Atlantic (1972)
As I Come of Age (basic tracks recorded in 1971) Stills, Columbia (1975)

To hear what all the hoopla is regarding Manassas, pick up the Stephen Stills & Manassas: Live DVD--a live performance of the band, taped for German television. At at mere 40 minutes, the concert demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that Stills and his bandmates were at the top of their game.






Suggested Playlist
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